The Notification Object

The Object



*id string required

It is a unique 32 characters string

*type string required

This is an immutable field which indicates the type of the object. In this case 'notification'

*event string

Only used by Webhook Endpoint

*createdAt string

Date and time of the visit check-in, e.g.: "2014-09-08T08:02:17-05:00" (ISO 8601, no fractional seconds)

*notificationType string

The notification type. It can be 'delivery' or 'visit'

hosts array

An array of The Host Object

message string

Message sent to the hosts

Short Sample

"id": "6F2A1988-AC8B-458E-A447-4F852A7BB95E",
"type": "notification",
"event": "notification_sent",
"createdAt": "2020-02-04T11:30:08-03:00",
"notificationType": "visit",
"message": "Your friend is still waiting for you",
"email":"[email protected]",
"name":"Alisson Enz Rossi",
"phone":"(43) 99982-0420",

Available Methods

Coming soon