The changelog is a list of backwards-incompatible updates in the API. As described above, new additions and forward-compatible changes don’t need a new API version and will not appear in this list.

2019-07-17 (version 1.0-beta)

  • First release of W3lcome's API

    • Host

      • Retrieve a host

      • Retrieve a list of hosts

      • Insert a host

      • Update a host

      • Delete a host

    • Visit

      • Retrieve a visit

      • Retrieve a list of visits

      • Change a visit status (allow or deny entrance)

      • Checkout a visit

      • Delete a visit

    • Blacklist

      • Retrieve a person on the blacklist

      • Retrieve a list of people from the blacklist

      • Insert a person on the blacklist

      • Update a person on the blacklist

      • Delete a person from the blacklist