The Company Object

The Object



*id string required

It is a UUID v4 (36 characters long) automatically generated

*name string required

The name of the company

*lang string required

The current language used. It can be en, pt-BR or de

city string

City of the company

state string

State of the company

country string

Country of the company

address string

Address of the company

location string

Type of the company's location. E.g.: Headquarter

complement string

pictureUrl string

Company's logo

*timezone string required

The timezone of the company. List of all timezones

Short Sample

"name": "W3lcome",
"lang": "pt-BR",
"city": "Maringá",
"state": "Paraná",
"country": "Brazil",
"address": "Av. Pedro Taques, 294",
"location": "Headquarter",
"timezone": "America/Sao_Paulo",
"complement": "2º andar",
"id": "3ace5db3-8b2e-433f-b2ce-0b72852d0d89"

Available Methods

  • GET /v1/company